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More Halloween Goodness!

I haven’t been very organised with the Halloween posts, have I?


But I just realised that I had been waiting a whole year to post last year’s Halloween sweets as I didn’t yet have a blog then…and then, this Halloween, I promptly forgot. Damn, Sylvia!

Halloween Vanilla Cupcakes

Halloween 2011 was fun, but it was more because I got to bake Halloween sweets for the first time than because of the actual party. Last Halloween I still shared a house with a family with 3 kids, and these kids had all their friends over for trick-or-treating and a jump in the heated pool – which makes me realise that the only pool I had growing up was the little inflatable one…yeah, kids these days have all the good things in life.

Pardon the orange-ness of the photos, I was still getting used to having a proper camera and was apparently colour blind!

Halloween Mars Bar Slice

I made Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream and little Witch Hats…and a Mars Bar Slice with Chocolate Spiders! The Vanilla Cupcake recipe is quite straight forward, so I will leave it to you to decide which one to use. However, the Mars Slice comes from an Italian website and it looks a bit different from the usual Mars Bar Slices with a thick chocolate coating…so I’ll write down the recipe for your convenience :)

Mars Bar Slice 
(makes 20)

80gr Unsalted Butter

300gr (7) Mars bars

200gr Rice Bubbles (Krispies)

For the spiders:

200gr White Chocolate Melts
100gr Black Chocolate Melts

1. Line a medium rectangular (brownie) tray with baking paper. Chop the Mars bars up in little chunks to aid the melting process.

2. In a saucepan and over medium heat, melt the butter. Once the butter is completely melted, add the Mars chunks and stir frequently until melted.

3. Put the rice bubbles in a big bowl and add the melted Mars, mixing slowly with a big spoon so as not to break the bubbles.

4. Once the rice bubbles are all coated and well mixed, put them in the brownie tray. With the back of a spoon, pat the bubbles until they’re evenly distributed.

5. Put in the fridge for min 30 minutes before serving.

6. Melt the white and black chocolate melts in separate bowls. Once melted, quickly put the chocolate in two piping bags and  begin decorating. Once finished, refrigerate until the chocolate sets before serving!

Halloween Mars Bar Slice

And that’s it for the Halloween posts from me this year :) Promise!
But wait, aren’t you curious about my Halloween costume?

I was…

Sylvia the Zombie Baker

…a zombie prom queen with a nosebleed. Scary stuff, you guys! 


About My Lovely Bites

My name is Sylvia and I'm a messy baker and blogger from Sydney, Australia :) To get a peak into my latest adventure go to :)

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  1. Nice costume, you look great :)

  2. The mars bar slices look great. And I love your costume as well!

  3. Love those witch hats on the cupcakes. they look great. As do the spider web mars slices. They sound intriguing too but perfect crunch, which I’m a huge fan of.

    And love the costume. Nose bleeds are all the rage for Halloween. :)

  4. These look incredible! the detail on the cup cakes is so cute.

  5. the mars bar slice looks so yum!! and the cupcakes look great :) wonderful decorating! and nice costume :)


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