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Mini Peach Tarts

I wanted to write how happy I was about the sunny, summery days I enjoyed this week, but it obviously started to rain as I was writing this post up! Sydney’s weather has been this bad for the past, what, maybe 3 weeks? And it’s supposed to be summer…

So anyway, while I was still in the mood for celebrating summer and my new job, I decided I wanted to make some mini fruit tarts, and, peach being my “craving of the week”, I whipped up these as soon as I got back from my job trial.

They are Shortcrust Pastry shells, filled with Crème Patisserie and topped with fresh Peach slices. I had also planned a gelatin layer, but I couldn’t get my favourite Italian brand of gelatin (having no car truly sucks!), so I just left it. They wouldn’t be around long enough to actually need gelatin, anyway!

Want to know the role I applied for? Waitress at an Indian restaurant down the road, the only position that can accommodate both my future student routine and Student Visa restrictions. And it’s literally a short stroll from where I live, which is good for exercising, too!

Do I sound too ecstatic? But I am! I can’t wait to drop something (hot, on myself, considering my luck), slip and fall, break a few glasses, …

Nothing bad has happened in the first 2 days, but, if I were you, I’d be wary of pale Indian waitresses the next time you crave some curry. Just saying.
Any terrible waitressing experiences you’d like to share to lift my spirits up?
P.S. Please, don’t be offended if I don’t share the recipe with you just yet, however I want to improve it and try again soon since it was a bit too delicate for my tastes. I will follow up on this, pinky promise!

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  1. Congrats on your new job! I absolutely love the look of those tarts – how could you improve upon them? they are picture perfect – so clever! I waitressed as a teenager at a local tearoom, most of the time I was a v.good waitress! but one time I was putting down two cups of coffee on an outside table that had holes in it and I knocked it as I put the last cup down, the coffee spilt over and dripped down onto the ladies lap below the table – unsurprisingly she wasn’t impressed!!

    • Oh, well, they do look good but the taste was not what I was looking for: I think I should improve my créme patisserie recipe and/or maybe add a thin layer of jam at the bottom. Plus, fresh peach is not the tastier of fruits, so you are left with a good-looking dessert that looks delish but does not live up to the expectations, imo :P

  2. They look truly scrumptious!! Look forward to you sharing the recipe with us, I’m planning to try something similar with Crème Patisserie soon and would love any hints or tips you can share xx

    • Thanks! When I was younger I used to have this yummy, soft, créme patisserie variant at my local patisserie and I have been trying to get as close as possible ever since. Nothing compares to that, so everytime I make it, I feel just a tiny hint of disappointment!

  3. Okay, you BETTER enter my contest for reals! I will convert the money into Aussie money or something just to lure you in! These peach flowers are genius. Did you go to pastry school? Or are you just naturally amazing? :)
    I used to be a waitress and bartender and I thoroughly enjoyed it! If I served in an Indian restaurant, I would have never wanted to go home :)

    • I just got out of high school (well, late, I’m 20) so nope, no pastry school for me. Maybe one day, after University, ..? And, I though you were Australian!

      • WHAT??? So you are a naturally talented, amazing baker! Which means this must be your life path, for someone this talented must pursue something at least creative :) And no, I’m actually American but it makes me happy you thought I was Australian :)

  4. They’re so cute. I love the presentation. I don’t think I’d have the patience to make them look that good. :) Congrats on your new job as well, I wish I still worked in hospitality!

  5. Congrats on the new job! Your roses are so beautiful–looking forward to the recipe!

  6. The peach roses on the tarts look absolutely gorgeous! Did I mention how much I love tarts! =DD

  7. most beautiful tarts i’ve ever seen <3

  8. They are so lovely….agree with lidia, the most beautiful tarts i’ve ever seen.

  9. oh god…i should keep it as display…not inside my stomach

  10. These look amazing, so chic! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  11. Wow! These are beautiful! Great job!


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